Advanced Certificate Program in Museum Studies

Applications for admission to the advanced certificate program are accepted from those who already have a master’s or doctoral degree in hand or who are currently applying to, have been accepted into, or are enrolled in a graduate program at New York University. Admission to the advanced certificate program is contingent on acceptance and enrollment in a master’s or doctoral program. In order to be awarded the advanced certificate, students must complete both the Program in Museum Studies and their graduate degree requirements.

All applicants must provide a report from the general test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). In addition, international applicants who are not native English speakers must achieve a score of at least 600 on the paper-based test, 250 on the computer-based test, or 100 on the Internet-based test of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Admission to the program is granted independently of admission to another graduate department, and applicants are notified separately. Acceptances are made in the fall semester to the Program in Museum Studies. Spring applications are considered if space remains available in the program. Please contact the program before applying.

Students in the 24-point advanced certificate program are responsible for completion of museum studies certificate requirements as well as the master’s or doctoral requirements of their degree-granting departments. A maximum of two courses or 8 points of the 24 points required to complete the certificate may be counted toward the M.A. or Ph.D. by participating departments.

The advanced certificate curriculum comprises five core courses and two electives. The core courses are History and Theory of Museums, MSMS-GA 1500, Museum Collections and Exhibitions, MSMS-GA 1501, Museum Management, MSMS-GA 1502, Internship, MSMS-GA 3990, and Research Seminar, MSMS-GA 3991. Students must successfully complete Internship (MSMS-GA 3990) with a grade of B or better to receive the certificate. Electives may be chosen either from the museum studies curriculum or from course offerings cross-listed from other departments. The advanced certificate program must be completed within three years of admission.

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